In cooperation with Chiang Mai based Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP), CoffeeWORKS has funded yearly harvest and processing experiments to assist ITDP to develop natural pulped processed Thai Arabica coffees.  These harvesting and processing methods have been perfected throughout South American coffee producers, which are sometimes referred to as ‘honey processed’ green coffees.  Now after a number of years, ITDP’s natural pulped processing efforts are starting to yield some interesting results.

This year’s Thai Tribal Honey Processed Arabica produces an interesting mix of Cardamon, black licorice, with a hint of freshly ground white pepper in a moderately dark (AGTRON 45) roast.  The body is definitely improved from the usual washed Thai Arabicas we buy.

Look for our next post on this coffee’s attributes in a lighter roast.


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