LaCimbali M39 RE Traditional Coffee Machine

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Perk up your business with the M39 TE

M39RE is designed and constructed to act as a capable and reliable partner for baristas who want to develop and improve their businesses. Lots of solutions encapsulated in a classic from the LaCimbali range, which sports a new look and modern new functions.

Smart solutions to dialogue with quality

Increasingly advanced and connected with the bar world and its specific needs, M39RE has new next-generation electronics in terms of performance and functionalities, also enabling the management of interfaces for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections (optional).

Varied menu, top quality. More choice, more success

To expand the bar’s range of milk-based drinks and guarantee quality frothing and unprecedented choice, LaCimbali has equipped M39RE with a new TURBOSTEAM Milk4 Cold Touch steam wand enabling baristas to produce – with the same quantity of milk – 4 different quantities of froth: hot milk without froth, a little froth, standard froth, a lot of froth. In addition, the nozzle of the TurboSteam Milk4 steam wand has four holes so operators can also froth small quantities of milk (50 cm3).

New look: beautiful functionality

In the LaCimbali M39RE beauty has a purpose. Elegant and functional in every way, the design gives the barista full control over every task, allowing them to work quickly, precisely and with the minimum of effort to provide customers with top quality service. A new MATT BLACK finish has been developed for the body of the M39RE as well as satin-finish stainless steel elements on the front and back that further embellish this new machine.