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Melitta Cremio Milk Frother Stainless Steel

Cremio Milk Frother Stainless Steel
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Whether latte macchiato or cappuccino – with the Cremio® you can make wonderful fine-pored, warm frothed milk for coffee specialities just like from your favourite Italian cafe. Or make cold frothed milk to add to desserts as a light alternative to cream. Milk and cocoa fans will also love the Cremio® for heating milk in an instant without burning it.
  • non-stick container
  • whisk and lid are dishwasher-safe
  • Capacity for frothed milk: 100-150 ml
  • Capacity for warm milk:100-250 ml
  • 450 watt, Lift-Switch-Off, Dekra-GS-tested for safety
  • available in high-quality, stainless steel look, in black and in white
Cremio® recipes
You would like to discover the variety of different coffee specialities? Try our delicious Cremio®recipies! To enjoy the variety of milk froth specialities we composed some tasty recipes which easily succeed with the Melitta®Cremio®. You can make either warm or cold beverages or refine meals. Convince yourself and try the Melitta® Cremio®inlcuding its delicious recipes!
Melitta® Cremio®
The Melitta® Cremio® impressed judges at the world’s largest innovation prize for Technology, Sport and Lifestyle with its high quality, modern design, functionality and ease of use. The Cremio® also received a special Plus X Award as “Best Product 2016/2017”. The Cremio® was also acclaimed at a prestigious international design competition. For its pioneering design it was honoured with the Red Dot Product Design Award 2017.

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The Melitta® Cremio®with guaranteed success.
With the Melitta® Cremio® you can quickly and easily prepare wonderfully creamy frothed milk anytime.